Tuesday, October 7, 2014

FQS exclusive aurifil box review and update.

I have been really busy lately for couple of reason....my projects for Christmas charity, my health and my little one who just turned one always keeps me busy..having said that that is not the reason why I shouldn't be blogging at least once a month which I had initially planned.

I am working on some of the shortcut series quilts for fatquartershop and I am super thrilled to share them all by November end. I rcently received 2 fb bundles from windhan one which is new print Allison of cluck cluck sew and available everywhere while the other will be available in January called tidal lace....wait till you see the quilts. I made them as Christmas present and used pattern from fatquartshop's new book.

I had also received the piecing and binding box from fatquartershop. I must say they are so neat as makes binding and piecing so much easier as all are colors which you would generally need for binding or piecing and so just having that box is so much easier then searching or matching thread.

I have provided the details for the box below just incase if you want to check out and have some Christmas present wish list you may want to add it 😉.

I will blog about my finished quilt sometime in November or December hopefully with the awesome fabric and patterns and of course used will be the aurifil thread box available exclusive at fatquartershop for binding and piecing.

What are you guys working on...any special quilt or project for Christmas.

Thread Box includes 12 spools (1,422 yards each) of Aurifil 50wt. Cotton Thread. 

This thread box includes 12 brilliant colors perfect for binding! 
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