Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Hope-Rag Tutorial

Hope- Rag Tutorial

This tutorial was made using AccuQuilt Rag Die which is 5 1/4" that can be found HERE. However if you don't have one just cut squares of same size or larger however you will need to decrease the size of batting square pieces too accordingly.

Material Needed:
27 square pieces of Main Fabric of 5 and 1/4"
27 square pieces of lining fabric of 5 and 1/4"
27 square pieces of batting (cut each piece into 3 1/4" each not with Rag die)
2 strips of fabric (I used 3 1/2" wide x 32" long)
Small Strip for loop
small strip of satin ribbon for embellishment
1 Button
Thread and Needle
Sewing Machine
AccuQuilt GO! Baby (That is what I have)

Let's get started:

This Rag-tote is very easy to make and is reversible. I have attached photos at every step as I struggle to explain with words.

1. Cut all fabric and batting pieces and keep aside

2. Now you will need to work each square 1st and then assemble them. Take a main fabric piece and place it facing wrong side on top, then lay batting piece and then lining fabric piece facing right side to you. You will sandwich them.
3. Now stitch all the 3 pieces together with a X.
4. Make all pieces in similar fashion. You should have 27 pieces.
9 pieces for front
9 pieces for back
3 pieces for each sides and bottom

5. Now start stitching this sandwiched pieces to each other like shown below
6. Assemble the front and back 1st ans then sides.
7. Attach the side and bottom panels to the front panel and then to the back

8. Now make handles and button loop. Instruction available on my other tutorial.

9. Place it and then insert the handle between the X mark of front and back panel and pin it. Do the same for button loop.

10. Top-stitch the top of the bag 1/4" away from fringe. Make sure you may want to do it twice so handles are sturdy.

11. Sew button. (See how to make button tutorial)

12. I used a small pink ribbon to make the hope ribbon as it was for breast cancer (It is optional)

Tips: If you don't have a rag die or AccuQuilt stitch your tote in same manner by stitching each pieces individually as shown in step 2 and 3 and then cutting snips 1/4" on all sides. The bag size may vary in such case.

Wash the tote to get fullness of rag.

Make this as a gift for someone you know or for charity.

Think PINK!!!!!

Pardon me for errors as I can teach but struggle to write a tutorial. If any errors pls do let me know. Pls join our blog or leave comments we love to hear from our friends.

Michael Miller Fabric used for the tote.

Do not copy picture or content. Pls link back to our tutorial if you wish to share.

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Roberta Addington said...

I think this is a beautiful bag and represents a wonderful cause. I love to do rag purses and other things. Great job and great tutorial too.

Anonymous said...

lovely.Structured tutorial.

Anonymous said...
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Jean Moffitt said...

Can this be made with flannel? Saw some cute checked flannel on sale. Also, is there any way to determine the yardage needed for each color?


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