Wednesday, February 19, 2014

DIY Decor for wall or centerpiece !!

Hey All,

I had taught this class and some of my students asked if I can come up with tutorial so they can share with their friends who cannot come to class..and I was of-course I can. I am so happy that I can reach and teach or help others who cannot learn from me directly.

So before we begin let me pls tell you that the tutorial I did was with Christmas  pieces on sale..I always buy those after Christmas 80% off stuff so I can make something for next year :). You can use the same technique for Valentines, Easter and other occasion. In-fact I will share small tutorial of those too with what supplies I used and what result I came up with.

The pictures are self I struggle explaining through words I have tried my best however if you get stuck just use the contact me form and I will try to reply asap.

Project: DIY Center/wall or window centerpiece
Expense: Less then $10 during sale
Difficulyt level: Easy
Time Spent: 1 hr or little more.

Supplies: This may vary what pieces you need for your center decor, glue gun or double sided tape, pliers, wire-cutters, led tea light.

How to: Take the 2 similar longest stems and facing each other opposite direction bend their stems about 5-6" and then twist to each other as shown in pic
Now use 2 similar pieces which ever you like and again facing both in opposite direction lay it on previous twisted piece and tie with the stems that is still left from 5-6" piece one at a time as shown in pics below.

This is how it should look when both are done.

Now add one piece in the center of your choice and twist it  stem 2-3 times  to the center. You can use pliers as it is easier and cut the remaining wire with wire cutter
It should look like below picture.

Now I used 2 led tea lights with double sided tape. You can use glue gun if you wish. Add the double sided tape small piece or glue gun on the other side of the on/off switch of led light...see below

Once you have both sides done it should look like the pic below when you on it.

or you can just leave it as is to display on table, wall or window panel

I did Valentine one in similar manner just changed the led lights and ofcourse used different decor pieces..pic below

Hope you enjoy this tutorial. Please do not copy any images or claim this tutorial to be yours. You can make your own and add link back to our page. Pls help us grow by liking us here anf our Facebook Fan page so we can have more followers which means more sponsorship for our free teaching and charity work :)
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