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Crazy Daisy Tote tutorial!

I made this bag quite a while ago however never had the time to write up due to the teaching/charity work plus my little one keeps me busy with whatever time I am left for myself. So, if there are any questions either contact me here or pm me on my facebook fan page and I will try to get back ASAP.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Crazy Daisy   Tote   Pattern

 Crazy Daisy tote is a fun pattern which you will enjoy making. The pattern is beginner friendly and can be finished in a day. Hope you enjoy making this crazy daisy tote as much as I did.
I used fabric that was long back I had gotten from FatquarerShop (I love that store for fabrics), Interfacing from local craft store and Aurifil thread. You will also need measuring tape,  scissor and sewing machine (of-course  I used Babylock Symphony)

Material’s needed          :
2 pieces of main fabric (14” height x 16 width, ¼ “seam allowance included) for tote body
4 pieces of Contrasting fabric (2 ½ “X 14” strip) for top and inside lining part of tote
2 pieces of main fabric (3 ½ “strip X 24”) for straps
2 pieces of lining (14” height x 16 width, ¼ “seam allowance included)
2 pieces of Interfacing (14” height x 16 “width, ¼ “seam allowance included)
Cut all the fabric pieces and keep aside.
Attach the interfacing on the wrong side of lining (There are sew in and heat bond interfacing, read your manufacturer’s instruction)
Your main body is 16” wide while your strip is 14”. You need to create a 2 X 1” pleat in the center of your main fabric. Once you create the pleat the top should measure 14” just like your strip.

 Now attach the main body and top part of 2 ½ “strip together with right sides facing each other.  Follow the same instruction for other part and then sew both front and back of main body pieces on all 3 sides.
Follow the same instruction for lining however leave a 4” gap open at the bottom.
Prepare the straps. Fold strap pieces wrong sides facing each other in half to mark the center. Open it and then fold ¼” on both sides of strip wrong sides of fabric. Press and then fold it again and sew on all 4 sides.
Follow the same procedure for other strap. Keep aside.
See the picture below (This is just a diagram to help.

Turn the Main fabric right side out. Place the Main fabric in to the lining. Make sure the right sides of Main fabric and lining are facing each other. Place the strap and loop in between the Main fabric and lining right sides and pin them.

Stitch all around ¼” away from the top.
Pull the main fabrics out from the bottom of lining where you had left 4” gap. Sew the 4” gap and place the lining inside the main fabric.
Topstitch 1/8” away from top all around. Once done keep aside till you work on your embellishment piece.
I have used Daisy on this bag. To do the same flower, cut 10-12 petals both small and big size in main fabric and contrasting color. Place the big round circle and then place big petals stitching it with needle and thread as you go. Then do other round with contrasting color in same manner. Then move on to small petals where you will do 2 rounds again with main and contrasting fabric.
Place the daisy where you like on your bag. Then place a big round circle and sew it with machine.
Get creative with your flower; you don’t have to do what I did. I made this daisy using Accuquilt daisy cutter however you can use your imagination.

                                                       Your bag is ready!!!!!
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