Monday, February 17, 2014

DIY Flower Wreath Tutorial !

Hey Everyone,

Trust everyone had a great weekend and valentines day... :) . Today, I will be sharing my first tutorial for 2014. One of my students saw it somewhere and showed me a pic of a fabric wreath which was for $35 and asked if I could teach them that too spending less. Well we did make 1 for $15 or less. Infact, if you have left over scraps this is a great project to do saving more.
Project : DIY Fabric Flower Wreath.
Skill level:Easy
Time spent: 1 to 1 1/2 hrs
Money :$15 or less (ofcourse we used coupon for everything) even cheaper if you use scraps.
Result: 1 flower wreath (plus fabric left for 2nd one) and pleasure of creating something yourself :)

Let's get started:
Supplies: 6" metal wreath , 6" 1 flower, 7-8 different fatquarters or scraps, scissor/rotary cutter, ruler, mat, glue gun.


How to:-
Cut few 1 and 1/2 wide to 9" long strips. I used fabric which would blend with flower in the center.


Take one strip at a time. Fold it in half and pass it thru metal wreath frame as shown below to tie knot.


Pass the open ends of fabric through the loop to tie knots.

Keep repeating the above steps using different strips. I use around 9 strips in one section of wreath frame.


The wreath is divided in four sections with four rings. I did 3 rings and each section I used about  27 strips. So you need total 108 strips for 4 sections and to do three rings. If you decide to do even last ring add around 27 or so more strips. I did not as it is easier to hang the wreath plus I was happy the way it looked.

This is how it should look.. You can leave strips looking uneven or trim it around. I did trim it a little though out of habit as uneven things bother me :)
Add the center flower using glue gun. Add glue on flower edged and on inner circle ring and attach flower

Here is the final wreath...tada :)


Hope you enjoy this tutorial. Please do not copy any images or claim this tutorial to be yours. You can make your own and add link back to our page. Pls help us grow by liking us here anf our Facebook Fan page so we can have more followers which means more sponsorship for our free teaching and charity work :)
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