Thursday, March 10, 2011

Review: Cuddly Crochet by Stacey Trock

Recently I have been reviewing lot of book's which has been published sometime ago but I never had a chance to check them out. My class wanted me to do some projects on gifts escpecially in crochet for baby shower. While I was checking for books I came across Stacey Trock's "Cuddly Crochet" book published by Maringale Publishing and I requested the copy for review.
We tried one of the baby blankets and hat project in our class and the result was too good. I think this book is a perfect combination for any crocheter to make gifts, or for their babies or for any kid's they have in their family.
The book starts with detailed explanations of item used and required while crocheting with step by step instruction followed with color photgraph's.
This book is ideal for all level of crocheter's and is a must in your library. This book is a great source to come up with crocheted gifts for anyoccasion such as bday's, baby shower, to-be-moms who want to make something for their kids and even for charity. I reccomend this book to all crocheter's.

About the Author: Stacey Trock learned to crochet at the age of six. She teaches knitting and crochet at a yarn shop, where she also helps customers solve yarn-related crises. In 2008, she founded FreshStitches, an amigurumi design company.

Pros: Clear Instruction of ecah pattern with pictures and comment box whereever required.
Cons: None
Overall: Great Book

Books can be purchased at Amazon or Martingale Publishing
Author and Pic Copyright Martingale Publishing. Thanks for review copy.

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