Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Review: Ana Paula R Amigurumi Books

Today I will be sharing my thought's on Ana Paula Rimoli's amigurumi books "Amigurumi World" and "aMIGURUMI TWO". Well this book has been published some time ago now and I am eagerly waiting for her 3rd book and while I do so I thought I would love to review and see which book is good of all 3.
Amigurumi World: This is the 1st book by the author where she has instructions with pair made with baby and dady or mommy. This book when was published as was new to ami world was great hit. The project's used in this book were great for 2008. She has some cute looking projects like dog, monkey, hedgehog, bunny etc. She has also explained the crochet techniques at the beginning of the book. I think overall it was a good amigurumi based book in 2008.
Moving on in 2009 the author wrote another book "aMIGURUMI TWO" by then amigurumi was a well know thing in crochet world and even though the projects were good I felt the author did not present it well. Some of the projects I must say were great like the branch mobile, hot air ballon, stroller toy and rattle toy and if I would like this book it would be for these projects other then that the rest of it resembled more or less the same like her last book. At the end of the book she mentions about the crochet techniwues and guidelines followed by resources.

Pros: Both books have projects that you will like to do
cons: I am not too impressed with the finishing of the toys in picture
Overall: Good Book
About the Author: Ana Paula Rimoli
Home: Montclair, New Jersey

Ana Paula RĂ­moli was born in Montevideo, Uruguay, and learned to crochet as a child. She began crocheting toys when her own children were born and now hosts her own popular website featuring her crocheted designs. The toy collection is growing and growing, slowly taking over the whole house!

Pic and author bio copyright Martingale Publishing, Thanks for review copy.

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