Friday, March 11, 2011

Review: Making Children's Clothes

Making Children's Clothes by Emma Hardy has 25 sewing projects in this book for children from age 0-5 such as pants, skirts, sleepwear, dresses and accessories. The book has beautiful pictures with great fabric choices and cute looking kids modelling with great looking patterns which tempts you try all projects at once. However I was not too happy with the instructions. I have reviewed Emma Hardy's other book and it took me by surprise to see the error in the book while writing instructions. As I sew i can rectify the same and many advanced or experienced sewer's can too but someone who is new may find it very frustrating. Also the book concentrates more on girl outfits and very few or minimal is for boy's. So this book will be a favorite for someone with girls and experienced in sewing.
The pattern pieces are neatly tucked at the end of the book for all the projects.

About the author: Emma Hardy is a stylist and designer who has worked on various lifestyle and interiors magazines, including Country Homes and Interiors and Marie Claire. Her previous books include Sewing in No Time , Quilting in No Time , Fast, Fun Cards  and Green Crafts for Children , all published by CICO. Emma lives with her husband and 2 young daughter's in south London.

Pros: Cute pictures and beautiful fabric and pattern
Cons: Instruction needs to be rectified
Overall: Nice Book

Books can be purchased at Amazon and CICO Books
Author and Pic copyright: CICO Books, Thanks for review copy.

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