Thursday, November 10, 2016

Project Planner by Lori Holt.

Hey all,

I just wanted to share the project planner eye candy I received after my class wanted to see how it looks and its uses and everyone was drooling..😉. The project planner is every quilter Infact I would say any artist must have as it helps you to organize your projects in a very detailed manner. I am one of those who believe in planning as I teach too...I need to know what fabrics/colors will go well. I do not use paid patterns for classes so I design simple ones myself so this planner is very beneficial for such planning.

 I have attached some pictures of the planner and the add-ones available such as cute stickers, the cute bookmarks, assortment of colored pens so it helps in sketching with specific colors in mind and cute set of wash tapes..I just love them. Also, they make great gifts for holidays, I think so.

Also, while you are at FatquarterShop checking out this cool planner and add-ons you may want to check out the jolly jabber book. This book is all about quick projects using something I would like quick projects with less cutting and more time sewing to finish it quick.

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