Sunday, October 27, 2013

Review: Oliso® Pro™ Smart Iron with iTouch® Technology TG1600

I love Quilting and sewing and teaching in my community. It makes me always happy to see the finished project. Like every quilters/sewer fabric is my love and I love the look of neatly pressed fabric and especially when you are a quilter/sewer you would want no creases on your finished project or fabric. Also not to forget you need to press your quilt seams every time as it makes easier to quilt.

I am not a huge fan of ironing even though I have to do it. I don't like to stand next to an ironing board and wait for my iron to heat up or to pick up the heavy iron every time to press  (professional grades are so heavy) which is sitting up on my not so stable ironing board. So even though I share a hate-love relationship with ironing I must admit it makes me feel happy to see neatly pressed fabric. All I wanted was something that would make it easier and convenient for me to do the task. So when I came across Oliso steam Iron I had to give it a try (thanks to my students who wanted me to review it for them before they buy and kept pushing me to check it out) .

Now I used  Oliso® Pro™ Smart Iron with iTouch® Technology TG1600 in my class to test and I am so damn happy with this iron and the results. The iron works like magic. It actually is a "Smart" iron as the name suggests.

So here are few of the things I loved about this iron.
1) The Iron lifts up itself as soon as you touch so no more need for me to lift it up. It is designed with a feet so it raises up every time you touch. (Isn't that smart)
2) Love the sole-plate tip it is thin and can be inserted into hard to reach places.
3) I love the fact that it has large tank for water and you can pour water in the sprout easily.( Make sure to fill it till max level to get good results)
4) The cord is quite lengthy 12" so easy to move the iron because of 360 degree pivot.

5) Water doesn't drip while steaming which happened a lot in my old iron.

 6) It has 1800 watts and is a perfect iron for sewers and quilters like me.

I cannot point any issues at this moment as I never had any. If in future I come across any, I will update the same here.

You can purchase this iron for $199.99 at or by clicking at here

Some pictures of Oliso in my class, not a good picture as was taken with phone by one of my students while I did demo. I know the ironing board needs a new cover..looks like next project :)

Disclaimer: This review is solely my opinion after the use of Oliso Iron. It is a honest review was not influenced by any means, even though I had received the product for review.
Copyright: Some images are are copyright of and us. Please do not copy any images.
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