Thursday, April 19, 2012

EQ7 review.

EQ7 is a quilt designing software that all quilters would like to have one to design their own quilt. The jouurney to understanding this software is not very easy. There is some learning required which you ca easily do so with  the user- manual and by watching some of the tutorial videos that comes with the software. The tutorial are great aid in getting started.

It has Worktable which allows you either to work on a block, quilt or even an image.. which is great.

It has a large library of built-in block designs so you can design quilts  without having to make your own blocks. However, if you want to try out to be more creative you can do so and design your own blocks from scratch

It has some Pre-designed layout to make your work easy to start with EQ7.

Some other features of EQ7 are:
Over 5000 scanned fabrics or can your own fabrics and save them in your Library.
Border and Sashing becomes  much easier with the use of EQ7
EQ7 includes over 5,000 copyright-free blocks for you to use and change it as per your requirements.
Serendipity tools helps you to magically turn any block into a new original block.
You can print the charts, blocks and fabric yardage requirements for your quilts.

EQ7 software is a fantastic software fr quilters with so many options to explore..having said that as mentioned before there is a learning curve and if you have patience to learn you can master how to use it easily with the help of video tutorials and manual.

I am playing with some more designs to put p on my blog as few we did were some simple ones for our charity quilts. Once I design few I will post them here on my blog.

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