Thursday, February 2, 2012

Quilt Album Review- Software for Quilters.

Made a quilt to gift or to sell and later realized that you forgot to take a picture or don't have any record of that particular quilt and wish you had it. It has happened with me on couple of occasions where I have forgotten to take pictures of my quilts and regretted later for not taking a picture of those quilts.

However, I had the opportunity to review a great software called Quilt Album version 2.2 and I must say, What a great software to keep record of your quilts. Quilt Album is a great way to document all the quilts you make or have made in the past or in present.

Once you’ve downloaded your Quilt Album software you can start adding your finished or unfinished quilt projects into it. You either upload a photo of your quilt or you can just drag your quilt picture it to the Quilt Album Screen....isn't that just cool.

Then the next step is filing out the important details related to your quilt such as :Quilt Name, Quilt Detail, Category , Made For, Quilt Maker, Year: Start & Finish, Size:, Quilt Pattern, Quilt Designer, Quilt Top Construction, Quilting Method, Quilted By, Batting Type, Notes. You can also use duplicate this quilt if you have 2 quilts with same details..saves time.
All the details that you would love to have and know about your quilt even if you don't own it.

One of the best features of the software is you can print quilt labels, quilt summary sheets, notecards, business cards even greeting cards with your quilt images. You can select font type, color etc while printing.

Now aren't these features cool. Check out their gallery here . I think all quilters should use this software which is not at all expensive compared to the love and effort we put in each quilts, has great features and very easy to use (you can also download guide and get support here ).

What are you waiting for head over to Quilt album grab your copy and start documenting those precious quilts you have made or are making for your loved ones or for your customers.

Use Coupon code AGH-A2 for Quilt Album Software:The ads say $5, but the discount is $10 for the first ten days, then will be $5 after that.

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