Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Dress made from Hankie

Hey Everyone,

I had a busy and a very tiring day however had to share this project that we worked on today. The pattern is from the book Hankie Couture from Marsha Greenberg. You can read the book review in my last post.
I love the way this dress turned out. I also made a small purse to go with her and used twines from twinery for her dress and as her hair accessory.Next I will work on her shoes and different designs for accessories. I am planning on using more of these twines in my upcoming Moda Project i.e. if I happen to buy.

She is such an adorable girl, right?. She is also one of the dolls Marsha sells.

I am currently working on my own quilts as have off time in between busy schedule, so will post pics soon.


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