Monday, July 4, 2011

Ottlite Review

I am sure we all crafter's and artist are and like everyone else, I am also very much careful on how and what my end product looks like. And getting right end results of your project is related and possible with the right color choice of fabric, paper or beads etc while working on a particular project. I was having major issues on these areas as I work , learn or teach everything in evenings when I am free from other chores. While I worked in evenings I would choose colors what I saw from a regular soft light hence the same project in the morning looked completely different in daylight.Recently I had the opportunity to review Ottlite. I used it while I worked on my craft projects especially in the evening to see how different it was and if it would stand the test of what it said.

Well, I am pleased and I honestly mean it, This product is a must for all crafter's and artist especially like me who work a lot in the evening.

The best part about this light: A) Natural Daylight effect in the evening

B) The light helps me to choose the right fabric, paper for my project so I don't have to re-work as I know I have got the right colors for the project I am working on.

C) It really helps my eyes as I don't feel the strain like I used to before.

D) The ottlite I have has tray to store beads, threads etc so easy to find your product and it spins too.

E) The magnifier attached is also a major plus.

The only thing I had issue was the knob to tighten the lamp as it gets loose however that is a small concern compared to other great benefits Ottlite provides.

Below is the picture of pink paper in normal light.

Now, see the picture below, clicked when ottlite was on and see the difference for yourself.
I highly recommend Ottlite and think it is one great investment one would make if they love to craft anytime of the day especially in evenings for people like me. If I could I have purchased more of

You can buy Ottlite on their website i.e. or on Amazon and some craft stores.

Main picture is a copyright of Ottlite. Thanks to Ottlite PR for providing this product for review.

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