Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Accuquilt Go! Baby

Accuquilt GO! Baby Review and coming soon Giveaway!!!

The women in my community whom I teach sewing/quilting expressed their desire to learn quilting a month or so ago. As we are a large group of ladies doing it manually for each project (cutting of so many quilt pieces )would be difficult so we were looking for options to do it fast and quickly. So I  contacted Accuquilt to be a part of their blogger program where I can get the opportunity to review and also as I needed it for teaching and thought this would be answer to our question. Immediately Lee from Accuquilt sent us the GO!Baby and 3 dies of our choice.

 I selected the Roses of Sharon, Bountiful Basket and 2 "1/2 strip 2 layer (which we needed the most).

First of all when I received the GO! Baby I was worried if this small, light weight fabric cutter would do what we actually want it to do. However this small ,fabric cutter can do some great job. This machine is not only light-weight, portable and easy to carry but does the job fantastically.

There is no special technique or trick needed to use this cutter, it is very simple to operate and honestly less painful then rotary cutter. I am working on a project which has Roses of Sharon, will be posting tutorial soon and I used Accuquilt GO! Baby for it and noticed not only it is fast and easy but also helps fabric from getting wasted and cuts precisely. I am so thankful that I got this wonderful product for my community project, we have been so busy quilting.
So Overall the Accuquilt GO! Baby is my favorite for many reason:
1. Easy to use and store
2. Cuts accurately
3. 1/2" seam included
4. Cuts 6 layers of fabric in one GO!
5. Folds up for storage.
6. Easy to carry when I go from one place to another for my classes.

Few things to keep in mind if you want your Accuquilt Go! Baby to work smoothly.
1. Keep on a sturdy table for good grip.
2. Mark you die pattern with a Sharpie for ease of use
3. Watch Accuquilt Videos on youtube before you start for better understanding and to clear any doubts.

Only cons I would say is:
1. GO! Baby does not have wide variety of dies like GO! / Studio Cutter.
2. Storage of big dies and mats can be a issue.
3. Small dies are cheaper however some dies bigger dies are expensive (so sign-up for newsletter for deals)

You can visit Accquilt site here and check out some amazing projects as well as join their online community and facebook and email subscription to get the latest news, free patterns, deals, discusiion and much more and I am sure you will love it.
Now about Giveaway  stay tuned on this website soon with the courtesy of Accuquilt we will be having a giveaway. Also I will be sharing the project I make with Roses of Sharon on my blog pretty soon till then Happy Quilting!!
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FabricsNQuilts said...

Welcome to the Accuquilt Bloggers!

You will find so much inspiration on all the blogs that you will soon want every die & every free minute with your GO!

Can't wait to see your project!

Chris Wooten said...

i hear you can use other dies too



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