Friday, March 4, 2011

Tutorial 2: Lunch Bag Tutorial

Lunch Bag Tutorial

Fabric and Material Required
Cut 2 Main/Outer Fabric Pieces 13” x 11”
Cut 2 Lining Pieces 13” x 11”
Cut 2 Interfacing Pieces 13” x 11”
1 Button
1 Stretch Band
Thread (similar to fabric color)

How to Instructions:

1) Cut the above pieces
2) Sew main fabric on all 3 sides A to B, B-C and C-D with ¼ “seam allowance. Sew on both the corner’s 2” to make it boxy (See picture at top). Turn it right side out and keep aside
3) Trim excess part of the corner’s.
4) Attach the interfacing to lining fabric, I use the Fusible Interfacing (Read your interfacing instructions).
5) Sew the lining fabric as same as main fabric A to B, B-C and C-D however leave a 4”gap at the bottom between B for turning. Repeat remaining instructions from 2. And 3. with lining pieces.

6) Now insert the right side turned main fabric inside the lining fabric. Please see that both the main as well as lining right sides of fabric should be facing each other. Sew the top thru both fabrics from Point A to D and again on the other side from D to A.
7) Trim excess thread etc.
8) Now pull the main fabric out from the bottom 4” gap that was left open.
9) Sew the opening and insert the lining fabric in Main fabric.
10) Topstitch ¼ “from the top for finishing.
11) Place the stretch band inside side of the bag in the center and stitch it 3-4 times to secure.
12) Attach a button on the main fabric. (Position of the button would depend how much you want to fold the bag.
13) You can stitch sew- on label if you wish to hide the band stitching. Personalize it.

   Yippeee!!!!! Your Lunch Bag is ready. We would love if you join our blog or leave comments. It will inspire us to do more tutorials.

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Hope you enjoy this tutorial. I sew and teach however never attempted writing a tutorial. So if you find any errors pls leave me a comment .
This pattern is free and for personal use only. Pls do not sell. If you wish to add it your blog you can do so however pls write to me before at sskcraftshop(at)gmail(dot)com.

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Love this...I have a sewing machine, I just need pointers:) Following back:)


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