Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Spring of Love- Flower Tutorial

Material Required: Fabric in 4 different  colors (2 less than fat quarter's, 2color of fabric can be just scraps)
I have cut 6 small  and 6 big 2 different fabrics to make flowers however I used contrasting base in my flower by using  for e.g in "A" color base and petals in "B" color. Use any size of round shapes however 1 big and 1 slightly smaller- of your choice(if you have yo-yo making tool use that, I used cups of 2 different shapes)
3 Big circle for leaves
A small square piece for center.

Make Leaves, see picture on how to make leaves.

Sew the end of the petals.
 Repeat the next 2 in similar manner.
Stitch all 3 together. Remember leaves are always made in combination of 3 , 5 odd numbers.

Making Petals and arranging flower and leaves:
This will be the base of your flower and then you will arrange big flower petals in contasting color or you can use same color(optional)

Sew the end of the petals. Make remaining 4 petals same way and arrange it on the base of the big circle of contrasting color.

This will take shape once you start placing the smaller base and petals on top. Repeat the same process for small flower

Assemble the leaf at the bottom, then the big circle flower base and then the small circle flower base.
Make the center of the flower. Use a  small square piece and small bits of fabric.
Stuff these small pieces in square and tie
Cut the excess fabric from bottom and attach it to your flower
You can add a felt piece at back and use it as brooch/purse/hairpin, wherever you
feel like.

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