Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Review: Big Book of Knitted Monsters

"Big Book of Knitted Monsters" By Rebecca Danger is a book which has 20 knitting projects of various monsters. There is a child in all of us and this book has some cute monsters with no gender to it yet cute, lovable and hugable for all ages. I have seen Rebecca's pattern on etsy before and so it was easy for me to review this book. In the beginning of the book there is a resource of knitting terms and how-to for various techniques however they are not for beginner knitter. A beginner will have to do a little research of their own to get started. These monster's are totally irresistable and you would love to make them righ away however having siad that let me inform you that there are very slight variations from one pattern to another.My favorite is the Family of Monsters

About the Author: Rebecca Danger runs her own Etsy shop, featuring many exciting knitting patterns. She's also a popular designer on Ravelry.

Pros: Cute looking, irresistable monster projects
Cons: I think explanation can be also done keeping novice knitters in mind
Overall: Good Book

ISBN: 978-1604680096
Can be purcahsed at Amazon and MartingalePub.com
Author and Picture copright Martingale Publishing.

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