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The Sewing Answer Book by Barbara Weiland Talbert

The Sewing Answer book by Barbara Weiland Talbert is a boon to sewer's especially to beginner's and to sewer's who even though sew for sometime and are looking for answer's to various q's coming to their mind while sewing. This book has most of the solutions to questions that crop up in your mind while sewing,  atleast it did to all the questions i had or been asked while teaching. The book is divided in 11 chapters:
1. Setting up your Sewing Room: Where the author had answered on some questions about Sewing Machine Primer, Cutting tools, Pressing Equipments and Sewing Room Ergonomics.
2. Needles and Threads:What & How to select the thread, What needles to be used and answers on Hand sewing.
3.  Stitching Basics: This section she answers on q's about how to set the machine stitch, how to get proper tension and know-how on machine stitching and hand-sewing.
4. Working with Patterns: How to read pattern and select the right pattern for your project, how to work on fitting adjustments , laying out and cutting the pattern pieces. These are some of the topics covered in this section.
5. All about Fabrics: Selecting, Preparing and Cutting the fabric and how to understand the facts of the fabrics like how to prevent puckering in fabrics like knit.
6. Interfacing and linings: Where and How Interfacing is used, What kind of Interfacing such as sew-in or fusible interfacing is better and many more such questions have been answered.
7 & 8. Seam and Seam finishes & Hem and Hem-Edge Finishes: In this 2 chapter the author had tried answering most of the questions like Bind it, Collar, Selecting the Right finishing method and solving them.
9. Shaping to Fit: The most essential part atleast i always have questions on such as ease and gathers, Tucks and pleats, how to properly insert elastic etc.
10. Waistlines, Pockets and Sleeves: How and what q's on waistbands, casings, pockets and flaps, cuffs etc.
11. Fasteners and Closures: Basics on Buttonholes, Button facts, Hook closures, and most importantly on lapped ,centered and invisible zippers.
In the book while answering some of the q's a small picture explaining diagram is shown as and where necessary. The book may have 1-2 questions that you have in mind which you may not find answer however it will atleast answer other 20-30 questions you have in mind that you will find answer's too. I think this book is worth having in your sewing library and it is so handy you may want to carry it in your sewing kit wherever you go.

About the author: Barbara Weiland Talbert is a nationally known sewing freelance writer and quilt book editor. Hers is a well-known name to home sewers and quilters. She has edited over 100 quilting books and designs her own lines of quilt and tote bags. Over the past twenty-plus years, Barbara has written over a thousand magazine articles on sewing and quilting subjects. Her byline has appeared in several sewing publications, including Sew News, Sewing Savvy, and Creative Machine Embroidery. Barbara has spent her career focusing on educating, supporting, and encouraging her readers to develop their skills and enjoy the fruits of their love for sewing and quilting.

Pros: Amazing book with great amount of knowledge for sewers

Con's: None found.
Overall: Great Book
Correction: You may find a correction for this book here.

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ISBN: 978-1-60342-543-8

Author Bio & Pic copyright by Storey Publishing
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