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Book Review: MAKING HANDMADE BOOKS By Alisa Golden

MAKING HANDMADE BOOKS By Alisa Golden is an excellent book that i have come across in making books. I had never done book binding much before for several reasons either the instructions were not clear or it would not inspire me. However, this book is more then one can ask for not only in hardcover binding but also in creative binding. The book offer's amazing and clear step by step well described instructions while teaching you the process of binding starting from Material and Methods to Ideas and Concepts. The author talks about various forms of books like Folded, Simply Glued, Simply Sewn, Scrolls and Accordions, Movable books, The Codex, Codex Variations, Envelopes and Portfolios, Cover Techniques and Boxes and Slip Cases.
This would be one of your wise investment in your book library. This book will teach you to be creative and help you learn to put your emotion and feelings while making these books. The book has statements from more than 40 established artist and photograhs of author's own work. This book is a great reference book.
 If you haven't ordered a copy you must and you will love every bit of information in this book and that too at a very good price.
Pros: Awesome book with great instructions and inspiration
Cons: None
Overall: Amazing Book

About the Author: Alisa Golden's work is collected by such institutions as the New York Public Library; the Museum of Modern Art, the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art; and the Victoria and Albert Museum. She currently teaches at California College of the Arts, San Francisco, and the San Francisco Center for the Book. She lives in Berkeley, California.

Interview by the Author Alisa Golden
How do you get your ideas?
The ideas are out there in the world, all you have to do is focus on one thing at a time. An overheard conversation may spark an idea. A dream, memory, or an article in the paper. There is a tremendous amount of funny material in the newspaper.

Do you have any advice on writing?
My best advice is write every day. Write down what you see and hear, write what you are thinking about. Write down your dreams. Write down quotes from the newspaper. Listen, too. Use all your senses. Focus is the main thing. Just think about one thing only, and focus on whether you are happy, amused, angry, whatever. Anger is a tremendous motivator. Use your emotions to propel the narrative. Or think about an interaction to begin.
After experiencing a partial writer's block after a difficult event several years ago I was able to get back to writing regularly by asking myself "What is the story in today?" I believe that there is a great story in every day if you go back and think about it. Was there a conflict? An odd occurence? A wonderful scene? A hilarious bit of dialogue? A surreal moment? What are the anecdotes you tell your friends at the end of the day? There's a story there. So many go by in a week that it's actually hard to keep up!

Can you make a living as an artist?
Maybe, if you have several related jobs. I make books, teach, and write. Those are related but they are three very separate jobs. Each of them fuels and informs the other. When I teach I discover material for a how-to. When I write a how-to I have to make models of books. When I make books I may discover a new way of working that I can teach. Sometimes I just don't have an emotional spark to work with and it is easier to bind an edition, make diagrams for a how-to, or figure out a new lesson plan. I like having several options, especially when I am feeling restless.

Will you do a workshop for our organization?
It's possible. I actually prefer doing a series of classes, though. I like building a relationship with my students and following through when there are questions and problems.

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ISBN: 1-60059-587-1
ISBN13: 9781600595875

Picture and Author's Bio and Interview is Copyright of Author & Sterling Publishing/Lark.
Special Thanks to Alisa Golden and Lark team for review copy.

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Patti said...

I have this book! :)It is a great book! I bought it at a thrift store...I had intentions of making albums for small scrapbooking projects. I had totally forgot about it until now! I'm going to have to get it out and actually make something now.


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