Sunday, January 2, 2011

NewYear, New ideas and New Ventures....:)

Dear Friends,

I am very happy that my 2011 has me many things to look forward to already..I have myself and some publisher's themselves have approached me to review and do giveaways for some of the craft books such as crochet, quilting, sewing and i am really excited about it. I would like to thank all the publishing companies who gave me the opportunity to review  their books and give my honest opinion on my blog for my blog readers, students.
New year means new projects to learn , to teach and to share here on my blog.
I am so looking forward to start this new year with the e-book projects i have in mind which will keep crafter's hooked.The project involves crocheting/sewing at a basic level so you will really enjoy it!!!

Special Thanks to CT Pub, Search Press, Martingale & Company for giving me the opportunity to review your books and do the giveaways.

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