Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Such Design Prayer Flag Project!

Sometime in the end of March i.e if I remember it right, Carrie of Such Desings through social media asked her fans if they wanted to be a part of a project for her new line of fabric collection Paint. I jumped in without knowing what it was and with my community teaching and with family commitments  I could handle anything more at the point.

She choose around 20 ladies and we received our fabrics pieces along with a letter what she was looking for. After reading her letter and her thoughts on creativity and about our inner artist I was so thrilled to be a part of it.

I felt so Honored to be a part of the prayer flags that she wanted each one of us to do. I gathered some kids whom I teach one afternoon and we finished 2 prayer flags.

They were so thrilled of being a part of something like this and so was I. I wanted to share this for long time and had thought I had scheduled it to be posted..just realized it never was posted  :)

Below are the pics of my prayer flag one among the other however check out the link and all the beautiful prayer flags created by some other artist/quilters.

Photo copyright Such Designs:

Thank you Carrie for letting us all be part of your Prayer Flag Project.
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