Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Martha Stewart Home office with Avery Review

Life can get hectic specially if task are not organized properly.I am a teacher, a student and also work part-time. I often tend to forget things or write some important detail on piece of paper which can be easily misplaced. I was looking for a solution to get Organised where I could write about my task, the to-do list , birthdays, teaching schedule etc and was finding ways of how to do it when I came across this wonderful Home office Notebook called Martha Stewart Home Office with Avery which is exclusively available at Staples.

Now you may think what is so great about this book...well here are the few details you may want to know.
The Home office Notebook comes in 2 sizes 9.5" x 11.5" and 6.5" x 9".

You can customize the Notebook as per your needs with the great accessories it comes with like Disc-bound Task Pad which helps you to Jot down reminders, make a shopping list, or create a to-do list .The  Disc bound task pad that fits conveniently in your notebook. You can easily add as many sheets to your notebook as you need.

Disc-bound notebook also can be organized with customizable plastic dividers. You can write on both sides of the classic shape tabs for easy reference. You can use the dividers with your Disc-bound planner pockets, calendar inserts, filler paper, and task pads for easy organization.

You also can get Filler Paper which is punched to fit in your Home Office Notebook

The Calender Insert is another great feature you can add to your Home Office Notebook . It includes weekly and monthly calender so never ever forget any event, important dates plus it has a 2 customizable row to jot down your activities and to-do list.

Now isn't this a great thing to have to organize your life and everyday events. I think everyone should have one either it is a mom or a working woman, we all need help in getting organised.

Go and check out Martha Stewart Home Office with Avery which is exclusively available at Staples...I am totally in love with it.

I also have a we near holiday season we will do 2-3 days of some fun giveaways of Prize pack and I will include a Discbound Notebook, Tab and plastic stay tuned for our announcement.

Copyright and some text: Image from Martha Stewart Living OmniMedia

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