Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Review: Kobo E-reader

I love devices which can make my job easy while teaching or reviewing a product. I generally get books from publishers or I sometime buy them when they are on sale. As most of the books I review is in class when I am teaching or talking about a technique. So when I got Kobo e-reader I was delighted as I can ask some of my publishers if I can download their book on my Kobo e-reader and go green.

I must say I am very happy with my Kobo e-reader for many reasons to hightlight a few:
1. It is lightweight (221 gms and 10mm thick), compact (very imp for me as I have to carry it to class) and intuitive.
2. The screen is great as big as a normal paperback novel that you would buy in store.
3. Love the quilted back as it gives good grip to hold the e-reader
4. It has 5 types of font so you can change it to suit your style and ease while reading with the EInk
5. Navigation was super easy right from beginning. The pages turn really fast.
6. Connect anywhere and anyplace that has wi-fi avaialble. The devive had Wi-Fi and USB connectivity available.
7. 100 e-books come pre-loaded as free plus it supports PDF and DRM Protected PDF, and EPUB. You can also store upto 10,000 e-books with a 32 SD Memory Card.
8. Battery life is good too as it can operate upto 10,000 page turns or 2 weeks.

Cons: I am very much happy and I would not care however some peoplw would prefer 3G as they would like to get connected.

I think for the price it is a great device....I am definately impressed by Kobo E-reader.

Kobo e-reader can be purchased at Borders, Walmart and Best Buy for $139.

Picture copyright Kobo. Thank you to Kobo team for sending this product for review.


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