Thursday, March 18, 2010

Baby Thong Sandals.

This is a listing for a finished Baby Thong Sandals to show off those pretty little feet this summer. This finished pair of sandals are for long size i.e. 51/4" that will fit size 5-6. Yarn :Red Heart Medium worsted yarn. The soles are made with 2 contrasting colors stitched together. Also custom order can be made for the below sizes: Small is 4 ¼ ” long and fits sizes 2-3. Medium is 4 ¾ ” long and fits sizes 3-4. Large is 5 ¼ ” long and fits sizes 5-6. Various color combination are available.The base of the sole and strap are made with one color while the top part of the sole is made with contrasting color.So while ordering you need to mention in your messege 1 color from A and 1 from B. For e.g this finished sandal pair shown in the listing is made with A2 and B4. The custom order will mailed out within 5 days. Pls read the copyright/shipping/return policy before ordering. No changes can be made to this pattern as they are copyright of Cara Scofield and hence the finished pair is made as mentioned by her.


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